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Baby shower gifts are cute, but let’s face it — they can get monotonous. Onesies. Binky’s. Receiving blankets. Yawn. How about something fun for a change?! Get the new mom-to-be a fabulous wallpaper mural or decal for the new baby’s room. We carry a wide selection of wallpaper appropriate for babies’ and kids’ rooms, as well as the entire house.

Murals Perfect for Baby’s Room

Our wallpaper decals for babies’ rooms are so enchanting, and all are appropriate for either boys or girls. Our Baby Butterflies decal spells out the word “baby” in colorful flowers and comes with a selection of pretty butterfly accents. Our Baby Watercolor decal has the word “baby” written in white cursive letters atop a soft, muted, natural green background, flanked by two golden stems with leaves.

Our Sweet Baby decal is ringed by a wreath of leaves, flowers, and berries in gold, pink, green, and brown. Included are an extra dragonfly and butterfly decal — watch them buzz and flit around the flowers! Our Baby Animals decals are not only adorable but also versatile because you can place them anywhere. Included are an elephant, giraffe, lion, rhinoceros, and turtle.

Easy to Install

Even though our murals are so easy to put up, it’s a good idea when you give your gift to include a card that entitles the recipient to free installation by you. The new mom may not be in shape — or in the mood — for a household project — even a simple one.

Trust us, however — there’s no trick to it, simply peel and stick. The new mom can direct you to where she would like her mural to go. You can even move it if she decides she doesn’t like the spot she originally chose.

Kids’ Wallpaper

New moms who receive gifts of baby wallpaper, murals, and decals will undoubtedly fall in love with this charming and easy way to decorate children’s rooms and want to consider some kids’ wallpaper for their children as they grow.

Wallpaper Warehouse carries wallpaper suitable for any child. Do you know children who love dinosaurs? Racecars? Are they dancers or interested in outer space? Put up alphabet wallpaper to help the littlest ones learn their letters, or footballs and soccer balls for the sports fan.

We even have a whole section of Disney wallpaper, including princesses, mouse ears, and Winnie-the-Pooh.

Wallpapering in your kids’ rooms is a great way to teach them how to decorate — and redecorate — in a creative way. They’ll learn from you how to make their surroundings cheerful, fun, and pretty.

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