Whether you’re looking to decorate a nursery for your toddler or a bedroom for your pre-teen, there are so many options to choose from that it can all get a bit overwhelming. A great starting point for any room is the walls; whichever paint or wallpaper you choose can often be the deciding factor in which accessories, soft furnishings and furniture you opt for.

Once you’ve settled on a color and/or pattern for your walls, things definitely become a lot easier! Here at I Want Wallpaper, we have all the advice and tips you need to create the perfect playroom for your little one.



The color you choose for your child’s bedroom may depend on a number of factors. For the most part, light and bright colors tend to work best in children’s bedrooms as they are visually stimulating and fun. Lighter colors also create the illusion of extra space, which is particularly beneficial in smaller rooms.

Blue wallpaper is a fantastic choice for any child’s bedroom as not only is it bright, but it is also a calming, peaceful color. Bright blues instill a sense of fun to any room, whereas duck egg and powder blues help to create a relaxing atmosphere.

If you prefer to start off with a blank slate, white and cream wallpapers are a great option. A versatile and timeless option, white or cream are both solid choices, especially if you think you or your child will want to switch things up at a later date; they tone in perfectly with almost any other color and it can simply be a case of altering accessories and furniture as time passes and tastes change, rather than fully redecorating the room!


From dinosaurs to mermaids, farm animals to pirates, there are plenty of pattern choices to suit any preference. Patterned wallpaper can really add a sense of individuality to a room and are a great way to help your child express their personality.

For children who are fans of pop culture, we have a selection of wallpapers with characters from the DC Universe, Marvel, and Disney. For more minimalistic but lively options, we also have a selection of wallcoverings with stars, polka dots, and chevron designs. To add an extra unique element, why not opt for a wallpaper that incorporates glitter or glow in the dark patterns? If you don’t like the idea of covering every wall with bright colors or quirky patterns, an alternative option is to incorporate a feature wall.


Accessories add the perfect finishing touch to your child’s room. Whether your little one is a fan of unicorns, books, football or all of the above, accessories are a great way for them to express themselves.

Soft Furnishings

Perhaps one of the most important soft furnishings for a bedroom is the actual bedding itself. Here at I Want Wallpaper, we have a range of children’s bedding, so you’re sure to find the perfect match. Embellish with a selection of comfortable throw cushions to add even more personality to the room but don’t forget to leave space for teddies!

Bean bags are a great option if you’re unable to fit extra seating in your child’s room but want to provide them with a comfortable place to sit.; absolutely ideal for playdates.

If you don’t want to fully redecorate your child’s room, accessorizing can help to give it a fresh feel without having to change too much. In the winter, adding an extra throw or fleece blanket to your child’s bed is a great way to keep them warm and toasty, while adding an extra sense of style to the room.


Quality storage is an absolute must in a child’s room; with so many soft toys and games, you’ll definitely need somewhere to keep them all!

A small set of drawers is a wonderful addition to any room. Not only do drawers provide storage space for your child’s clothing and pajamas but they can also keep their toys or coloring books and pens in a safe place when not in use.

Why not try adding a couple of stylish storage baskets to keep toys and extra blankets neat and tidy, or some sturdy shelving to store books and models?

We can’t guarantee extra storage will keep your child’s room spotless, but it’s definitely worth a try!

Decorating doesn’t have to be a chore, and when it comes to children’s rooms, it can actually end up being pretty fun (especially when you see the joy on their little faces when it’s finished!)