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Image by O Anderson from Pixabay

Based on both its name and standard uses for it as a product, we naturally think of walls first and foremost when considering wallpaper. But it’s also highly useful material on many ceilings for several reasons, whether you’re looking to cover some cracks or other damages or add to the aesthetic of a given room.

We have a wide variety of wallpaper styles for any room in your home, whether you need bathroom wallpaper, bedroom wallpaper or any other design. We can also help you decide whether a room could benefit from wallpaper on the ceiling – here are a couple of considerations to make here, plus some tips for if you choose to install ceiling wallpaper.

Ceiling Surface

The first thing you should be asking yourself about when it comes to wallpapering the ceiling is how the surface is shaped. Most home ceilings, particularly in recently built homes, will be flat and smooth in their design – in this case, wallpapering them is as simple as securing yourself at the proper height and using the right materials.

In other situations, though, certain room ceilings may have different shapes, slopes or contours that make them non-flat. How you proceed here will depend on your design experience and your skills; if you’re worried about any part of your safety or the quality of the work, you can always consider hiring professional installers.

Ambiance Benefits

There are several reasons why you might want to wallpaper your ceilings, but the primary one for many people is the way this enhances the look of a room. Ceilings are often forgotten about or passed over, but they can really improve the ambiance and the way it feels even if occupants aren’t regularly looking at it.

If you’re looking to give off a bright, airy feel, consider wallpapering a light shade on the ceiling. For a cozier atmosphere, such as in a baby nursery, consider a darker color instead. And if you have ceiling fixtures you want to highlight, you can use wallpaper as an accent here as well.

Basic Tips

A few simple tips if you’ve decided that ceiling wallpaper is the right choice for a room or multiple rooms in your home:

  • If you’ve decided to use a decorative wallpaper with patterns, you’ll need a guide to keep your lines straight. We recommend drawing a line parallel to the wall to guide your first piece, then using its borders to guide the others.
  • Always be sure to apply wallpaper primer, even when installing on the ceiling. Using primer will limit potential damage when this wallpaper is eventually removed or re-done.
  • Whether in the form of a friend or family member, consider a spotter or helper who can assist you with some of the details and safety elements.

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