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New year, new home! Or new home decor, at least.

2019 is coming to a close and, while it may be a couple of months away yet, now is the perfect time to start considering the home decor trends that 2020 will bring.  Whether you’re looking for a couple of small touches to bring your home up to date, or you’re considering a full-blown home makeover, the new year is a great time for a fresh start in your home.

If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Here at I Want Wallpaper we’re doing what we do best; talking all things wallpaper trends! 2020 has a lot in store in terms of decor trends, from new fashions bursting onto the scene to some old favorites with a twist. From nomadic inspired walls through to the elegance of the 20s, here are our top 2020 wallpaper trend picks ahead of the new year…

Tranquil Dawn wallpaperErismann Romano Plain Pattern Wallpaper Blown Vinyl Textured Stripe Glitter Motif 9788-07

While there is no word on the official Pantone Colour of the Year just yet (this is usually announced in December), Dulux has declared their color of the year 2020; Tranquil Dawn. The shade is exactly what it sounds like – calm, inspired by nature and with elements of an early morning sky.

Somewhere in the middle of green, blue and grey, this shade offers a touch of color while still being subtle and sophisticated in your home. The shade Tranquil Dawn is endlessly versatile, making it a great choice on your walls. As at home in a living room as it is in a kitchen or bathroom, we can see this beautiful shade cropping up in homes everywhere as we move into the new year!

Abstract shaped wallpaperMarburg Lyra Geometric Stripe Pattern Wallpaper Modern Metallic Textured 53149

If you’ve been keeping an eye on decor and wallpaper trends over the last couple of years, you’ll know geometric patterns have been everywhere. And, while the trend doesn’t look to be leaving us anytime soon, it has been updated for 2020.

Rather than detailed geometrics, in the new year, we expect bigger, bolder abstract shapes to take center stage. With inspirations taken from expressionism, this eye-catching larger than life decor trend is artistic and unique, bringing personality and an inherent playful vibe into the home. Look for geometric wallpaper with large patterns and contrast to bring your home into 2020 in style.

Warm neutral wallpaperHolden Opus Loretta Texture Cream Wallpaper 33712

Grey has been absolutely huge in home decor in the last year or two, but now, we’re seeing a change on the horizon. If you’re not a fan of colorful walls and are trying to decide on that perfect neutral shade, cool-toned greys are out and warm neutrals are most definitely in.

The warm neutrals trend has instant Nordic vibes – conjure up an image of a Norwegian log cabin and you’ve hit the nail on the head! Rustic and earthy, warm neutrals are incredibly natural, bringing a sophisticated yet comforting feel to the home. Explore shades such as cream, light beige, ivory, and taupe, and add coziness with a variety of different textures.

Retro wallpaperArt Deco Fan Black Metallic Gold Non Woven Abstract Peacock Wallpaper 433210

It seems it’s impossible to look at new trends without a throwback or two cropping up – ironically, retro seems to be constantly at the forefront of fashions. In 2020 we’re seeing a unique combination of eras rising to the top of the decor style stakes; the 20s and the 70s.

This retro combination takes the elegance of the 20s and combines it with chic 70s boho – with a few extra disco vibes sprinkled in. The end result is luxurious, glamorous and fun. Think art deco, with gold and marble furnishing, and burnt orange and mustard shades. A retro feature wall is a perfect way to instantly take your home’s style up a notch or two in the new year.

Moroccan wallpaperGrandeco Botanical Moroccan Tile Pattern Wallpaper Retro Floral Textured Motif BA2504

Fashions often take inspiration from the world around us, and this next trend does just that. The nomadic global inspirations decor trend looks at the earth and the vast array of cultures it offers, bringing these together in an eclectic mix of patterns, colors, and textures.

Indian and Moroccan prints are set to be huge in home decor in 2020. From rugs and soft furnishings right through to tile wallpaper, this trend brings handcrafted vibes that are warm, comforting and effortlessly stylish. Look for Moroccan tiles in vibrant colors for your walls and fill your rooms with plants to create an earth-inspired space with an instant homely feel.

Get the look with Grandeco Botanical Moroccan Tile Wallpaper

Industrial concrete wallpaperGrandeco Orion Concrete Industrial Stone Distressed Metallic Copper Grey Wallpaper ON4201

While industrial trends have been all over the home decor scene for a number of years, 2020 is seeing a new rising star material – concrete! Joining tried and trusted industrial favorites such as brick and tile, concrete is ideal for creating a contemporary, cool industrial space.

From microcement on floors to concrete shelving, this trend doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Concrete walls, therefore, are a great choice for bringing a modern, stylish feel into your home. To avoid your room looking too much like a warehouse, look for a concrete faux effect wallpaper with a warm tone, and furnish with light wood to create warmth and contrast.

Get the look with Grandeco Orion Concrete Industrial Distressed Wallpaper.

So there you have it; six super stylish ways to help transform your home for 2020! Are you going to bring a splash of color and pattern to your home with the Moroccan tile wallpaper trend? Or perhaps you’re looking to showcase the industrial trend with a concrete effect wallpaper? Whichever takes your fancy, look no further than the I Want Wallpaper collection. We offer a number of stylish wallpaper options from top brands, so you can enjoy quality and style that will make an impact in any room of the house.