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Image by StockSnap from Pixabay
Countryside kitchens have always been huge in home decor, yet seem to be coming back in an even bigger way during 2019. However, in 2019, we see country inspired kitchens take on a much more modern edge. Country kitchens nowadays are cleaner, sleeker, and slightly more industrial than ever before – think natural materials, lots of light, an abundance of plants and copper cookware hung on the walls.

The modern-day countryside kitchen is cozy, yet contemporary and stylish. Do you want to achieve this look in your own home? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Join us here at I Want Wallpaper as we discuss our favorite aspects of this sought after style, alongside tips on how to nail the countryside kitchen vibes yourself.

Create light

One of the key themes of a countryside kitchen is an abundance of natural light. Make sure you’re not blocking any natural light in your kitchen with heavy blinds or curtains – windows should be taken full advantage of! If you’re struggling with natural light in your location, make sure your kitchen is kitted out with several bright feature lights and lamps to help create a brighter, more open feeling space.

Consider your color palette

As mentioned, one of the key aspects of a countryside kitchen is light. Therefore, we’d recommend exploring a light, natural color palette for the base of your kitchen and walls, to create a large feeling, bright space.

The cream works perfectly as a base for a countryside kitchen, as does a brighter white shade. Colors, however, are not off-limits. We’d recommend creating smaller, bold pops of color within your natural color palette for the best results. From brighter blue tiles to sage counters and even bright red cookware and kitchen accessories, there are a whole host of colorful options that are ideal for creating a countryside look.

Look to natural materials

Countryside kitchens are all about taking advantage of the natural materials of your home. Exposed beams are perfect for a rural cottage style, as are exposed walls. If you already have natural exposed stone or brick in your kitchen, lucky you! If not, fake it til you make it with a faux effect wallpaper.

Exposed stone effect wallpaper is the perfect choice for those looking to bring a countryside vibe to their modern kitchen, with none of the effort it takes to manually strip back a wall. If you’re on the lookout for a stone wallpaper, our first choice would be the beautiful A.S. Creation Wood and Stone Rural Cottage Natural Stone Wallpaper. With a realistic embossed finish to reflect the natural texture of stone, alongside a stunning natural color palette, this stone wallpaper will create the perfect feature wall in your country kitchen.


From pots and pans hanging on the walls to jars and bottles of cooking ingredients, a key aspect of a countryside kitchen is accessories. Displaying all your prized kitchenware and accessories is a fantastic way to nail the countryside look. Consider shelves full of cookbooks, spice racks, fruit bowls, bread bins, or even vintage weighing scales – think organized clutter at its finest!

For a truly modern take on countryside living, treat yourself to bronze or copper cooking accessories, including pans and utensils, then hang from strategically placed hooks around your kitchen. It’s also worth considering open-style cupboards, or cupboards with glass fronts, to showcase your crockery and tableware.

Dining spaces in the kitchen, too, should be taken full advantage off. Opt for an intricate tablecloth, then set up your dining table with your favorite dinnerware for a cozy, homely vibe.

Bring life to your kitchen

Finally, bring a breath of fresh air and an instant countryside vibe to your kitchen with several plants and flowers. From farmhouse-inspired milk jugs full of your favorite flowers to trailing plants on shelves, greenery will instantly brighten up your space, bringing a beautiful touch of the outdoors inside.

If you’re looking to create a relaxing, countryside-inspired kitchen in your own home, look no further than the stone effect wallpaper collection at I Want Wallpaper. From textured slate effect wallpapers through to brick and beam designs, you’re sure to discover the perfect options to help transform your space.