Has lockdown seen your home undergoing room revamps and renovations that you just never had time to tackle before? Decorating a kid’s room can be a fun, creative outlet for both parents as well as the child, and can even become a family project to help keep little hands busy and inquiring minds occupied.

If your little one has a favourite Disney character, or they’re simply part of the worldwide fanbase of one of the biggest names in timeless entertainment – we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves to help you bring their room to life and give them the best space to enjoy their favourite Disney characters.

If you’d like to make your kids room the envy of others without blowing the budget – read on for five ways to use Disney wallpaper to make your kids room the cutest it could possibly be.

Borders for a mini overhaul

Adding a splash of magic to your kids’ room needn’t be a mammoth task. If your little one loves a specific character, and you don’t necessarily have the time to wallpaper their whole room – a good way to keep them happy and keep some of your weekend “free” is to add a Disney wallpaper border to their room. This requires minimal time and effort – simply apply to the upper and lower edges of the walls throughout the room. You could even add some cute Disney character bedding to tie the look together.

Borders are also a great way to add numerous Disney characters to a room without overwhelming the space. This makes it a great option for the undecided child who won’t be forced to choose between Toy Story and Frozen!

Character boxes

Children’s rooms are notoriously messy spaces, and many parents would agree that motivating a young child to tidy up and store their toys is not a task for the faint hearted. Disney character boxes can be fashioned out of any sturdy box and can be the magic solution to tidy rooms that kids love!

Simply apply your favourite Disney wallpaper to a box – you can keep the theme simple by sticking to one character per box or go for a collage of their favourite movies! Each box can be filled with toys, books, or clothes to keep their room tidy.

You can get really creative here – why not make a ‘villain’ box, dedicated to toys that are not packed away each night. If they don’t put their toys away, then they go in the Disney Villain box that can’t be opened for a full day. If ever you’ve wanted to motivate your children to keep their spaces organised – this might be the trick you’re looking for!

Simple print Disney wallpapers

There’s no set age for loving a specific Disney character, but for children on the older side, it might be best to choose a simplistic print that they can upgrade or change over time as their tastes adjust. This simple print Mickey Mouse logo wallpaper is a crafty way to wallpaper your kids room to their liking, without committing to a design they may soon grow tired of.

You could also choose to keep your Disney wall as a feature – keeping the adjacent walls a plain colour. This will help keep future decorating manageable as our Disney wallpapers are wet removable – meaning a quick spray down of the wall assists in a clean removal and yields a prepared surface for the next round of wallpaper – even years down the line.

Chalk paint to let them draw

Nurturing your child’s artistic side is always a great idea. If your kid enjoys creating art – why not incorporate this into their Disney themed room? Add a creative outlet by painting a small section of their bedroom wall with chalk paint and use a character box to house their favourite chalk colours.

Not only does this give them an extra activity to enjoy, but also makes clean-up that much easier. You could get some of their favourite Disney character stencils to help them draw, or even get a Disney-themed outfit they can don when it comes time to let their inner artiste out!

Fun wallpaper designs

Spots and dots wallpapers are a fun addition to a Disney-themed room. There are a variety of bright, playful colours available which work perfectly as an alternative to a Disney specific wallpaper.

Jungle wallpaper is a great theme for the avid explorer and will compliment many character designs. If you’re little one is a big fan of The Jungle Book, try out a design like this and watch their inner Mowgli come out to play!

For the little princess in your life, glitter wallpaper can beautifully enhance a Disney princess themed room to transform it into a space as magical as Disneyland itself!

There are so many ways to make a kid’s room a fun, creative and enticing space for your child to spend their time in constructively. Why not order your sample wallpaper today to see how Disney wallpaper can bring your kittle one’s dreams to life?